What kind of learning experience can I expect?

Painting is a journey of discovery, and skills discovered by experience stick (and work!) better than pre-determined rules or formulas. In nature, no leaf is the same. Therefore, it makes sense to experiment with your materials and build your own toolkit of techniques you can use to paint any of your favourite plants.

As a teacher, my goal is to help you build the confidence you need to pick up a brush and translate what you see into a painting, to understand and mix any colour you need, and to find your own style. I do this by diving straight in and painting one theme each session. Step-by-step, I explain various watercolour techniques and approaches, and we explore the results together. I focus heavily on the painting part of the process and achieving visible results with each session.

Personal engagement is key. This is why I enjoy teaching live, in group sessions. This enables you to interact with me, benefit from my knowledge, ask questions and get feedback right away. Any doubts can immediately be taken away, and you will not be left with a feeling of “am I doing it right?”. All in a relaxed atmosphere with a group of like-minded people.

What does a session look like?

I focus on one theme per session, which we paint together from life, from start to finish. I show you approaches and techniques you can try for yourself and guide you through the process of painting. The goal is for you to take away skills from our painting sessions that you can confidently use to paint your own themes. You will learn how to make line drawings, create form, paint wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, and dry-brushing, how to understand and mix colour, and a variety of other approaches to paint realistic botanical paintings.

Which themes do you cover?

Themes vary by season and availability. You will be notified in advance of each session which subject we will paint, so you can prepare/collect your own specimens. Basic subjects like leaves, flowers and fruits are always part of my courses, but no two sessions/courses are the same. This way, you can continue to participate in my courses as often as you like, and learning something new each time.  

Will the sessions be recorded?

No. The sessions will not be recorded. Students in the weekly classes do have access to an extensive library of tips, theory and explanations of the things we discuss in our classes.

Am I allowed to record sessions for personal reference?

No. It is important to me to offer a space in which all students feel comfortable asking questions, sharing their work, or just do some care-free painting. By offering a learning experience that is not recorded, I hope everyone will feel free to do so.

Do I need any experience?

Experience in painting with watercolours is useful, but not required. The course is suitable for both total beginners and advanced students. Anyone can paint, you just need the courage to pick up that brush and a little guidance. This course gives you the opportunity to do just that.

How do I sign up?

Any classes open for booking can be found in our shop under “Classes & Workshops”. If all courses are fully booked, or have already started, you can also pre-register for the next course by submitting the form found under TEACHING. This way you will be notified as soon as we open up any new courses. Would you like to participate in a course that has already started? Please e-mail us and we will make sure you can join if there is still space available.

How do I pay?

As soon as course registration opens, you are able to directly book and pay the course in my shop. Payment is made in advance through any of the safe and regular payment methods

(excl. cash).

Can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel up to 5 days before the course starts and receive a full refund. Please review our terms and conditions for further details.

In which languages do you teach?

I currently teach in English and German. Would you like to see a Dutch class as well? Drop me a line and I may try to fill a Dutch class as well.

Which equipment/paints do I need?

To participate in this course, the first thing you need is a laptop or tablet/phone with a stable internet connection. I welcome anyone to participate with their own watercolour equipment, but good equipment can really make a difference. For the best results, and to make painting easier, I have compiled a list of recommended equipment and paints here: Equipment.

You will be notified in advance of each session which subject we will paint, so you can prepare/collect your own specimens.

Who are you?

I am a Dutch (b. 1989) watercolour artist based in Heidelberg (Germany). I am a member of the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA), the German Federation of women artists and patrons of the arts (GEDOK), and a founding member of the Verein für Botanische Kunst in Germany. I finished the SBA Diploma Course with Distinction and I regularly show my work in exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

 The backbone of my work and teaching is my academic background in art history (B.A., M.A and Ph.D). Thoroughly studying the marvellous work of Old Masters who painted the beauty of Nature has been a force of inspiration to me — from still-lives to landscapes and scenes from daily life. I enjoy disseminating the knowledge I have build over the years in my classes and providing my botanical painting sessions with context.

I have painted ever since I was a child and am therefore very aware of the power of learning through experience. This is a key element of my teaching. I am not impressed by rules, but value suggestions and guidance. We learn through experimenting and exploring, and build confidence by finding our own voice.

I have accumulated 10+ years of experience in talking in public, guiding museum tours and teaching in-person classes in English and German. I have learned that art transcends language, so I warmly welcome German speakers in my English courses and vice versa.

Learn to paint with me!


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